Add a User

The more people you add to OrangeQC, the more powerful it becomes for your company. Managers, clients, and more can all use OrangeQC to communicate about inspections, work orders, and issues. You can add as many additional users to your account as you would like. Remember: only Inspectors (users who are able to perform inspections) count against your limit.

  1. Click the People tab: This is located in the menu bar and is only accessible to Administrators.
  2. Click "New Person":

  3. Fill out the form with some basic information. Fields with an asterisk are required. Next, set the username and password. By default, we will not email this new user their login information. When you are ready for them to log in, be sure to send them their username, password, and your website URL in a nice Welcome Email.
  4. Set roles: Check the boxes for the roles you want to assign the user. You probably don't want your customer to edit your account or update your OrangeQC billing information, so we'd recommend unchecking “Administrator” and “Billing” if you are setting a customer up. You may or may not want customers to be able to perform inspections.

  5. Customize their permissions: Decide which features you'd like them to access. The picture below features the defaults that we recommend for an average customer. This will let them see some high-level metrics as well as submit tickets (such as complaints, service requests, or work orders). For staff members, you'll probably want to allow them to do more.

  6. Set up email alerts: You can automatically have inspections results emailed to your new user at the end of each day, or right when they happen. If you do a lot of inspections and the user does not need to review each as they come in, we recommend just turning on the Daily Summary, which will email them only once per day if there is activity in their facility.

  7. Set their areas of access: Your new user should only be able to see their own site and facilities, so be sure to check the areas you'd like them to see. When you're done, click "Save.” Remember tell your user about their new account!
Pro tip: You can set up a user, but not tell them about their access to the site or share their login info. This is helpful when you set up email forwarding for tickets. If they have access to only one location, the system will automatically assign their emailed tickets to that location.