Add an Inspector

Now, we’ll add one of your team members who will be performing inspections. Anyone who performs inspections will need to be added as an inspector so that they can access the inspections on a mobile device. Here’s how to add an inspector:

  1. Click the People tab: This is located in the menu bar and will only be visible to Administrators. 
  2. Click "New Person": 
  3. Fill out some basic information: Right now, you’ll need the inspector’s name and email; you can add other info later. You’ll also set their username and password. (Remember this, as you’ll need to send it to them later.) Finally, set the person’s role to “Inspector.” (If they need access to the setup tab and the ability to create new users, you can also check “Administrator.”)

  4. Customize permissions: We recommend the following settings for a typical inspector.  
  5. Configure Email Alerts: We recommend at least enabling the Daily Summary. You can optionally subscribe them to the OrangeQC Newsletter, which will keep them in the loop on new features that are available to them. 
  6. Set Areas of Access: Can they perform any inspection in the whole account, or just for certain sites or areas? You can choose how much access you'd like to give your inspector. If they only have access to certain areas, they won't be able to see other sites. When you're done, click "Save".
  7. Share the details with your inspector: Now that you’ve created their account, you’ll need to send them a note with their username, password, and your account name.

You did it! Now your inspector can log in and perform inspections. If you ever need to edit the inspector’s info, permissions, alerts, or areas, you can always click on their name on the “People” page.

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