Add a Customer or View-Only User

Your OrangeQC account includes an unlimited number of free view-only users. These might be:

To create a view-only user:

  1. Click the People tab. Only Administrators can see this menu option.

  2. Click the "New Person” button.

  3. Fill out Basic Info. Right now, you’ll need the person’s name, email, and time zone.

  4. Set a username and password in Account Settings. You might use the person’s first first initial + their last name for their username, or the part of their company email before the @ sign.

    Write these down in an email draft to send when you’re finished.

  5. Leave all roles un-checked. View only users should not have any role.

  6. Choose Permissions. We recommend the following settings to start for most external view-only users, such as clients:

    💡Tip: Does your contract require you to deliver certain emails? If you un-check the “Can edit personal email alerts” box, the client won’t be able to accidentally disable email alerts from their profile. They will need to contact you to turn off alerts.

  7. Set Email Notifications. We recommend the following settings to start for view-only users:

  8. Choose Areas of Access. Pick and choose which areas or sub-areas the user can access. You can expand areas to view sub-areas.

  9. Save.

  10. Send the user their login info. If you’ve opted to allow the customer to log into their dashboard and use the ticket system, you’ll want to send them their login information. 

    OrangeQC will not automatically email this person their login information.

    Here’s an email template you can copy and paste to fill in with the correct information:


I've set up an account for you to log into our quality control platform, OrangeQC.

Login page:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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