Add a Customer or View-Only User

OrangeQC simplifies your communication with customers by notifying them about the inspections and work you’re doing.

(This is optional; you do not have to include your customers on your account.) If you add customers, they can see reports for their facility and submit new tickets. too.

We recommend the following settings for customers:

  • Roles: Un-check all Roles.
  • Permissions: Grant them access to view dashboard, edit email alerts, view inspections, and view tickets. Un-check all other permissions.
  • Email Alerts: Ensure they are subscribed to the daily summary. This provides a once-per-day email of all activity within the areas you specify for them. If there is no activity, they will not receive an email.
  • Areas of Access: Check the Areas of Access box for the facility they are associated with.

Here’s how to add a customer:

  1. Click the People tab: This is located in the menu bar and will only be visible to Administrators.
  2. Click "New Person":
  3. Fill out some basic information: Fill in the customer’s name and email, then set their username and password. Remember this information: OrangeQC will not email your customer with their login info. We allow you to handle introducing OrangeQC to your customer. Remember that they will start receiving emails from us based on the email alerts you turn on (see step 6).
  4. Un-check all roles: Customers do not typically need any role to use OrangeQC. (If you will have customers conduct inspections, you can check the Inspector role.)

  5. Customize their permissions: Decide which features you'd like the customer to access. We recommend the defaults below for a standard customer or view-only user. This will let them see some high-level metrics and also submit tickets (such as complaints, service requests, or work orders).
  6. Set up email alerts: Email alerts simplify communication and let your customer know everything is running smoothly. Inspections can either be automatically emailed as soon as they happen or at the end of each day. If you do a lot of inspections, we recommend just checking the first box for a daily email. That way, they’ll get one email a day (if there’s activity), rather than an email for each inspection.

  7. Set their areas of access: Your customer should only be able to see their own site and facilities. Check the sites or areas they need updates about. If your area hierarchy has multiple levels, you can use the "+" button to expand the area folder. When you're done, click "Save.” 
  8. Update your customer: We allow you to maintain control over communications with your customer. Be sure to send an email to let your customer know that you’ve set up OrangeQC as a communication hub between your companies. Let them know that they can log in at any time to see recent inspections performed at their location and send requests through OrangeQC’s Ticketing system. You’ll also need to send them the URL to your OrangeQC account and give them their username and password.
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