Add an Administrator

Administrators can access the People tab to create and edit users, use the Setup tab to edit sites and inspection forms, and make other changes to your OrangeQC account.

We recommend limiting the number of users who have Administrator access.

  1. Click the People tab. Only Administrators can see this menu option.

  2. Click the "New Person” button.

  3. Fill out Basic Info. Right now, you’ll need the person’s name, email, and time zone.

  4. Set a username and password in Account Settings. You might use the person’s first first initial + their last name for their username, or the part of their company email before the @ sign.

    Write these down in an email draft to send when you’re finished.

  5. Choose Roles. Check the box next to “Administrator.” (If they also need the ability to perform inspections, select “Inspector," too.)

  6. Choose Permissions. We recommend the following settings to start for Administrators:

  7. Set Email Notifications. We recommend the following settings to start for Administrators:

  8. Choose Areas of Access. Pick and choose which areas or sub-areas this Administrator can access. You can expand areas to view sub-areas.

    If you check the box next to the top level for your account name, the user will be able to make changes to your entire account and all of its users; if you only select certain areas or sub-areas, they will only be able to see those areas.

  9. Save.

  10. Send your new Administrator their login info. OrangeQC will not automatically email this person their username or password.

    Here's an email you can copy and paste to fill in with the person's username and password, as well as your login page:


I've set up an account for you to log into our new inspection tool, OrangeQC.

Login page:


You did it! Now your Administrator can log in and set up users, sites, and inspections.

If you ever need to edit this user’s info, permissions, alerts, or areas, you can always click on their name on the “People” tab.

Administrators can also change their own settings, although they cannot grant themselves additional areas of access. As a security precaution, that can only be done by someone with Administrator access for the entire account.

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