Access Your Ticket Inbox

Check out this introduction to tickets and how to create one:

A ticket represents a task to be done or a problem to be solved. They’re an easy way to track complaints, work orders, and fixes in one place. You can add comments, set due dates, and close the loop with your team and customers.
To bring up your ticket inbox, click the “Tickets” tab.

Your inbox contains actionable tickets, new tickets created by customers, and any tickets currently being worked on.
You also have a “Future” inbox with tickets due further out. (Click the “Future” button in the left-hand sidebar to bring it up.) When a ticket is due either today or tomorrow, it automatically moves into from Future to Inbox so you can make sure it’s dealt with on time.
You can always swap which inbox a ticket is in. Just click the ticket, click “Edit” in the right-hand corner, and add a due date. Then select “Inbox” or “Future.”

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