Create a Ticket

Tickets allow you to track complaints, work orders, and corrective actions from inspections all in one place. They simplify communication and help ensure that problems are addressed quickly. You can add comments, set due dates, and close the loop with your team and customers.

  1. Click the Tickets tab: This is located in the menu bar and is only visible to users who have permission to access Tickets.
  2. Click "New": You will see your inbox, which contains a list of all the actionable tickets. Your new ticket will appear here after it’s been created. Click the “New” button in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Fill out the ticket: Pick the Site or Area for the ticket, then fill in a short subject and detailed message about the issue. (You also have the option to set a priority, due date, and category.) If you’d like, you can also add attachments, such as photos of something that needs to be fixed, or a contract detailing how work is to be completed. When you're done, click "Save.”
  4. Congrats, you’ve created your first ticket! Your team can add comments, change the status of the ticket, or add attachments to the audit trail. Tickets start as “Open,” then are automatically marked as “Pending” once someone makes a comment. Change the status to “Resolved” when you’ve solved the problem or responded to the request. 
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