Scheduled Tickets and Setting Due Dates

Adding due dates to tickets helps your team stay organized and prioritize the most urgent upcoming tasks. For example, if you have a work order due next quarter, you can set the due date so your team isn’t notified about it today. When the due date approaches, the ticket will automatically move to your team’s inbox — so nothing gets forgotten.

Viewing Scheduled Tickets

The Scheduled Tickets section is a list of all tickets with due dates. 
To visit this page:
  1. Visit the Tickets tab on the website
  2. Click the Scheduled tab
  3. Review the list of scheduled tickets, which are organized by due date. Clicking on a ticket will open more details.
  4. By default, you will see all tickets due this month, but you can switch to different months using the quick filters in the header or by using the Filters button.

Setting Ticket Due Dates

Tickets can easily be scheduled for particular due dates. As a reminder, only users need the permission to "Set ticket due dates" in order to access the following feature.
  1. Within the Due Date section, use the date picker to select the due date.
  2. (Optional) Change the time you expect this ticket to be completed by. By default, the time is set to the end of the date in your local time zone.
  3. Determine if this ticket is actionable now.
    1. Inbox (Recommended): Selecting this option will add the ticket to your team's Ticket Inbox. Users will receive an email alert about its creation and it will be considered actionable. In practice, most teams select this option if the ticket is due within the coming week or month.
    2. Schedule and Skip Inbox: Selecting this option indicates that this ticket is due further in the future and is not actionable today. You don't want to alert users about something that isn't actionable now, so selecting this option will skip the inbox and instead just create the ticket without sending an email alert. In practice, you should consider this option if the tickets due date is further than one month in the future. Once the due date becomes closer, the system will move it to the inbox automatically.

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