Playbook for Airports and Public Transportation Facilities


OrangeQC's inspection software helps custodial and facility teams measure, track, and report their cleaning and maintenance quality.

This Playbook will provide you with the best practices and recommendations for implementing OrangeQC at an airport or public transportation facility. In addition to airports, these could include a bus terminal, parking garage, or train station.


Most of our airport customers are up and running on OrangeQC well before the end of their 30-day free trial. This assumes that you have at least a basic inspection process in place, whether that's on paper, via email, or with another software tool.

Before You Get Started

  1. Do you have an existing inspection process and have a firm idea of what you are looking to achieve? We recommend outlining three primary goals for your inspection process, such as:
    1. Improved reporting and accountability to stakeholders
    2. Desire to track and continuously improve
    3. Real-time alerting of issues to your team
  2. Do you have a team member (possibly yourself) who is responsible for quality control in your organization? Who is it? Is everyone clear on who owns that responsibility?
  3. Is there someone on your team who can take responsibility for the rollout and implementation of the new process? (If not, OrangeQC can provide guidance and introductions to industry consultants to handle the implementation on your behalf.)
  4. Does your team already have smartphones or tablets? If not, please coordinate with your IT department so devices can be purchased. We strongly recommend either the Apple iPhone or iPad if that's an option; however, Android devices will also work.
  5. Does your organization require new vendor paperwork to be completed? If so, please provide that information to so we complete the required documents.

Area Hierarchy

OrangeQC sites and areas can be thought of as folders. Sites and areas help you organize you facility into logical sections. The area hierarchy you choose will be influenced by your team, reporting needs, and organization responsibilities. You can definitely modify our recommendations to best fit your needs.

A common approach is to organize your areas into zones for Airside and Landside Operations, then have any unique processes tracked as top-level sites (such as Parking or Customer Experience audits).

  1. Within the Setup tab, create a new Site for Airside Operations.
  2. Next create the sub-areas within this site, including Terminals, Concessions, Restrooms and Gates.
  3. Assign inspection forms to the respective areas so that inspectors can conduct these audits in the field.
  4. Repeat as necessary for the other zones within your facility.

Restroom and QR code feedback signs

OrangeQC supports the ability for travelers to submit feedback and complaints via email and QR code feedback signs.

At a high level, this process works by having your team create and use a specific inbound ticket email address, which will be used for customer feedback and submitting issues. The QR code feedback sign will bring up an email to that address, pre-filled with a default subject that has a unique phrase or room number. The system can detect that phrase or number and automatically assign the ticket to the correct location. (If the phrase isn't used, the system will create an unassigned ticket.)

Using Ticket Automations, we can have all new ticket emails assigned to the correct location.

  1. Creating the Ticket Email Address: Visit Account Settings > Ticket Email Addresses
  2. Click the button to configure a new email address.  Please note that you will likely need your IT department to create this address within your email server, then configure the email forwarder. Please refer to the tutorial link listed on Step 2 of that page.
  3. Test the email with your IT team to ensure that new emails to that address create a new Ticket within OrangeQC.
  4. Creating the Ticket Automation: Visit the Account Settings > Ticket Automations tab and press the button to create a new Automation.
  5. Fill in the field for a specific "Search Phrase" to automate the assignment of this ticket to the proper location. In our example, we'll use the search phrase of "Restroom A1," but you can use any specific identifier that you'd like, so long as it is also consistent on your sign.
  6. Complete the required fields and enter the Search Phrase you'll use for the email.
  7. Select the THEN actions to take place if this phrase is found within the sender's email. In our example, we will assign this ticket to the Restroom A1 area and categorize it as a Complaint.
  8. Press Save to enable this automation. Please note that this will only apply to new email tickets going forward.
  9. Create the QR code: Last, we recommend using a QR code generator such as to create and style the QR code which you will then provide to your sign vendor.

OrangeQC collaborates with a network of industry leaders and consultants who can implement OrangeQC and best practices within your organization. If you are dealing with a challenging environment or process, please contact us and we'll introduce you to the resources that can help!

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