Create a Quarterly Inspection Schedule

In this tutorial, we will cover how to create a quarterly inspection schedule for your organization. Quarterly inspections can be created from a monthly schedule that is due every 3 months.

How to schedule a quarterly inspection

  1. From the website, visit the Schedule tab > Edit Schedules
  2. Click New Schedule > Monthly Inspection
  3. Title: Provide a title for this schedule so it can easily be referenced in the future. This title will be visible to your inspectors on the Schedule tab.
  4. Inspection Form: Select the inspection form you wish to schedule from the drop-down menu.
  5. Locations: Check the box next to the locations that will be part of this schedule.
    1. If this schedule will be for the entire organization, select the single checkbox at the top of your area hierarchy.
    2. Otherwise, check the boxes for the individual locations. The green preview box on the right will indicate how many areas you've selected have the inspection form assigned to it in step 4.
  6. Start Date: Select a date in the future to start this schedule. The schedule will start in the month with the first due date. In our example, we select September 1st so that our first due date will be September 30th, then will be due every 3 months after that date. If we select October 1st, then the first due date will be October 31st. Below are some common Quarterly start dates:
    1. Q1: March 1st for a due date of March 31st 
    2. Q2: June 1st for a due date of June 30th
    3. Q3: September 1st a for due date of September 30th
    4. Q4: December 1st for a due date of December 31st
  7. Period: Change the period from every 1 month to every 3 months.
  8. Schedule Type: Select "By Day of Month"
  9. Day of Month: Select "Last" to ensure the due date will always be on the final day of each month.

Pro Tips

  • The first due date will be on the first matching date that fits your schedule, not three months after the start date. If you select a start date in August, then the first due date will be in August, then recur going forward.
  • When you create the schedule, we highly recommended picking a start date in the future. Selecting start date in the past will retroactively schedule inspections due prior to today.
  • Areas that do not have the inspection form assigned will not have a scheduled inspection created.
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