Add Areas and Assign Inspection Forms

Check out this quick two-minute video on how to add areas and assign inspection forms:

Setting Up a New Area Within a Site

  1. Pull up the Area page for your site: Click on the "Setup" tab and select the site you want to set up.
  2. Add a subarea: Hover over the site name and click “+ Add Area.” You can then enter the name of the subarea. Click "Save" (or hit Enter on your keyboard) to add the subarea. 

  3. Add more subareas: You can add more subareas to the site. Notice that now, when you hover over the site, you can only add other areas. That is because a location can only have subareas or inspection forms.
  4. Assign inspection forms: Hover over the right location and click "+ Assign Inspection Form." Select the form you want, then click "Save."
If you ever need to remove an area or inspection form, you can hover your mouse over the name, then click the trash can icon that pops up to its left.
That's it! Don't forget to assign inspection forms after they’re created; otherwise, your inspectors won’t be able to access them from the mobile app.