Inspector Training

Welcome to OrangeQC! These videos will walk you through the basics of using our website and app so you can begin performing inspections for your company.

Regular inspections are the foundation for a great quality control system. OrangeQC makes this process simple and fast. If you have any questions as you go through these videos, please let us know by emailing
(Note: These videos use our iOS app to demonstrate. If you use Android, the basics should still be the same, but you can check out our Mobile guide for screenshots demonstrating certain features on an Android device.)

Module 1: Introduction

How to:

  • Log in using your account name, username, and password
  • Sign into the website
  • Change your password
  • Sign into the mobile app (iOS and Android)

(If you have forgotten your account name, please contact the administrator who created your profile, or contact our support team if they are unavailable.)

Module 2: Inspections in the mobile app

How to:

  • Perform your first inspection
  • Change ratings
  • Use quick actions to add comments, attach photos, or mark a line item as "Not Applicable"
  • Saving a draft of an inspection and resuming a saved draft
  • Flag an inspection
  • Mark an inspection as private
  • Submit an inspection

Module 3: Inspections on the website

How to:

  • View recent inspections on the Inspections tab
  • Change filters to find specific inspections
  • View export options for both PDF and Excel files
  • View individual inspection details including scores, photos, notes, and location details

Module 4: Tickets on the website

How to:

  • Review your ticket inbox, future tickets, and all tickets
  • Filter by tickets assigned to you
  • See flagged inspections that appear as tickets
  • Change the status of a ticket
  • Add comments and attachments to a ticket
  • Create a new ticket

Module 5: Tickets in the mobile app

How to:

  • View tickets on the mobile app
  • Filter tickets
  • Change the status and resolve a ticket
  • Create new tickets and add comments

Module 6: Reports on the website

How to:

  • View your dashboard
  • Visit the Reports tab
  • Use the Overall Report and filters

Check out the rest of our help guide for guided walk-throughs, troubleshooting, and more information on using OrangeQC.

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