How to Comment on Tickets

Your team can leave comments, responses, and notes right on the ticket. This helps streamline communication within your team and with customers.

To comment on a ticket from the website: Click the “Tickets” tab, then click the ticket you want. At the bottom of the page is a comment box. When you’re done writing, click “Add Comment” to add the comment, or “Comment & Resolve” if the issue has been dealt with and ticket can be closed out.

To comment on a ticket from your email: If you’re subscribed to get email alerts about tickets, you’ll get an email when a ticket is created or gets a new comment. You can reply to those emails and your message will automatically be added as a new comment on the ticket.

You can include certain hashtags in your message to automatically change the status of the ticket, too.

Having trouble commenting via email?

To troubleshoot an issue with your emails being tracked as tickets comments, try these steps:
  1. Make sure the email account you are using to send this email is the same one as your OrangeQC email address. (Emails from users outside of OrangeQC or inactive users are ignored for security purposes.)
  2. Reply to the original email directly without modifying the email addresses. The email "to" field should be a series of characters followed by "" It should not be placed in the "cc" field.
  3. Reply directly to the email that was sent to you. Please do not modify or change the "to" field.
  4. Verify your permissions and access. You need to have access to tickets to leave comments.
  5. Ensure that your email client is sending the "plain text" message. HTML-only emails will not properly be tracked.
  6. Please do not modify the original email message. Simply reply above the line, "Write ABOVE THIS LINE," in the email.
  7. If you are unable to resolve this issue, please contact us for help!
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