Fix Problems Receiving Email Alerts

Are you subscribed to email alerts from your OrangeQC account, but not getting the emails? They might be being accidentally flagged as Spam. When this happens, they either get stuck in your Spam folder, or they’re bounced back to us by your email provider and never make it to your email at all.
Because this is a problem with your email provider, we can’t fix things on our end. Follow these steps to make sure you receive the right email alerts:
  1. Check your Spam folder: If you find OrangeQC emails in your Junk Mail folder, you should be able to mark them as “Not Junk Mail” or “Never Block.” This will train your Spam filter to send our emails to your inbox.
  2. Whitelist our emails: Whitelist the following emails to keep them from being bounced by your organization’s Spam filter: and * If you have an IT person, he or she may have to handle this.
  3. Add our emails to your Safe Sender list: Add those same two email addresses to your Safe Sender list. (If you need help, check out this guide for Outlook or this guide for Gmail.)
If you did not find any OrangeQC emails in your Spam folder, then your emails may have been blocked from ever making it to your email. Our email provider automatically pauses sending emails to addresses that bounce. (This is a best practice that prevents us from being permanently labeled as Spam.) If you think your emails may have been bounced, please contact us, and we can manually restart your emails after you’ve gone through the above steps.

If you’ve completed these steps, you should begin receiving emails shortly! Please contact us at for more help if you still aren’t seeing emails.

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