Fix: Inspections Not Uploading

Inspections should upload immediately. Alerts are sent out in real-time. If this isn't happening, check the inspector's internet connection.

If it’s taking a long time before your mobile inspections show up online, there’s a problem. OrangeQC uploads inspections immediately, so there should be no lag.
In almost all cases, if inspections are not uploading, the inspector’s device is not connected to the internet.
If you don’t have internet access while performing an inspection, the inspection will save, but it won’t upload until you re-open the app when you are connected to the internet. Make sure your inspectors know to do this if they work in buildings without internet access.
To check your connection:
  1. Open your device’s web browser (such as Safari or Chrome) and navigate to any website (such as or
  2. If the page does not load, **you are not connected to the internet.** Check your WiFi connection or contact your cellular data provider.
  3. If prompts appear asking you to accept the WiFi provider’s terms of service, complete that step, and then check the connection.
  4. Once your WiFi connection is established, re-launch the OrangeQC app. It will automatically upload all inspections performed without the WiFi connection.
If you are able to navigate to other websites via your browser, but are still unable to log in:
  1. Check that you are typing in the correct account name. This is the same as your account URL. For example, if you log in at, your account name is “mycompany.”
  2. If you have confirmed that the internet is working on your device and you are using the correct account name, please contact our support by emailing
To check the upload status on a device:
  1. Open the OrangeQC app on your device: Make sure you are connected to WiFi or cellular data with a strong signal.
  2. Tap the History tab: On iOS, you'll see a number badge on the History tab if there is anything that hasn’t uploaded yet.

  3. Make sure the files upload: If the inspections haven’t automatically uploaded yet, tap “Upload” in the upper right-hand corner and keep the app open until the upload finishes. (This shouldn’t take long if you have a strong internet connection.) The number badge on the History tab should disappear, and the inspection will be marked as “Uploaded."

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