Fix: Inspections Not Uploading / Waiting to Upload

Inspections within OrangeQC generally will upload immediately, and in most cases just a few seconds. If you are experiencing inspections that appear stuck, waiting for upload, or are slow to upload, then please review this helpful troubleshooting guide to resolve your issue! Inspections that are uploaded will have an "Uploaded" label on the Uploads tab. Any uploaded inspection is safely stored within your account online.

We will cover the following 3 primary reasons and solutions for slow uploads:

  1. (Most Common) Inspector has attached a large number of photos.
  2. Internet connection issues, content filters, or firewalls.
  3. The device is locked or app is closed from the background.

1. Large number of attached photos

Root Cause: This is by far the most common reason for slow uploads. Attaching photos to inspections is a great way to provided feedback or document issues found within an inspection. With that benefit comes great responsibility because the more photos you attach, the longer the inspection will take to upload. Additionally photos must be fully uploaded before your inspection results are visible online, so if there are a lot of photos, it will delay those results from becoming available.

While OrangeQC does compress and resize the photos taken within the apps, you can expect each photo to have a file size of around 1MB. That means 100 photos will require the app to upload at least 100MB!

Resolution: Most users attach between 1 - 15 photos per inspection. For faster uploads, only attach pictures that are necessary for your inspection process. If you must attach a higher number of photos, plan ahead and connect to a strong and fast wifi connection.

2. Internet connection issues, content filters, or firewalls

Root Cause: To sync inspections to your account online, your OrangeQC app must have a clear and uninterrupted connection to the internet. Below are some common internet connection issues:

  • Device is on a slow cellular or weak internet connection. Our app will attempt uploads automatically, but if the connection is too slow or too weak, then it will pause those attempts until a stronger connection is reached.
  • Device is connected to wifi, but the internet connection is not active or is blocking connections. This is common at hotels, cafes, and other public wifi hotspots which have restrictions on uploading files and bandwidth or speed limits. Often times you may need to agree to the wifi networks Terms of Service before the internet will work.
  • Connection is blocked to our site or one of our server vendors. Please verify if you can reach,,, and and that they load quickly.

Resolution: Ensure you are connected to a fast and unfiltered internet connection, preferably your corporate wifi network. If you are at an offsite location (which might filter the connection) or on a cellular connection, please connect to a different wifi network.

3. The device is locked

Root Cause: The app provides limited upload support while the app is closed or the device is locked.

Resolution: When connected to a strong wifi network, open the OrangeQC app and visit the Uploads tab. The app will automatically begin uploading any remaining inspections. If an inspector finishes their shift, we recommend that they check the Uploads tab to ensure everything has been uploaded.

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