Restore an Archived Inspection Form

Restoring an inspection form allows you to browse, copy, and restore previously archived inspection forms.

  1. As an Administrator, click the Setup tab, then click Inspection Forms in the left-hand sidebar. Click View Archive.
  2. This will bring up a list of all of your archived inspection forms. Select the one you want to review and restore.
  3. This will open the form and bring up the list of line items. Press "Restore" in the top right-hand corner to un-archive the inspection; it will immediately be active within your account. Press "Copy" to make a duplicate of this form for you to modify as a new inspection form template.

Note that restoring an inspection form will not reassign it to the locations where it was previously assigned. If you want the form to begin appearing in OrangeQC for certain locations again, you will have to reassign the locations.

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