Inspection Line Item Export Format

The Inspection line item export is provided as a CSV file with one row per inspection line item. Line Items are the individual criteria that are within an inspection. For example, entrances, desks, and high touch surfaces.

Some commonly used inspection details are included in this report for convenience; however, if you need full inspection details you should use the Inspection Export instead and use a Pivot Table to associate the inspection_id field with the Inspection Export ID column.

Column Description
id Unique identifier and system generated primary key of the inspection line item.
name String representing the line item form name.
line_item_id Integer foreign key representing the line item. Identical line item ids will have the same name.
inspection_id Integer foreign key representing the inspection that contains this line item
inspection_name String representing the name of this inspection
inspection_form_id Integer foreign key representing the inspection form template this inspection was based upon.
inspection_ended_at Timestamp when the user pressed submit and the inspection was finalized.
category String representing the category (Section) name that contains this line item. Will be blank if the line item is not categorized.
category_id Integer foreign key to uniquely represent the category name. Will be blank if the line item is not categorized.
deficient Boolean representing if the line item is deficient. Deficient line items are based upon a user selection of the rating.
rating_type Type of rating used to rate the line item. Examples include Signature, Percentage, Points, etc.
rating_name User generated named of the rating. Examples include 1-3 Rating, APPA, ISSA Clean Standard.
rating_id Integer foreign key uniquely representing the rating.
String representing the selected rating option in a range-based rating (Percentage or Point). Examples include Above Average, Below Average, Meets Expectations.
score Percentage based score.
points Point based score.
number_choice Decimal number entry for Number Picker ratings.
list_choices List selections for List Picker ratings.
list_choice_ids Array of unique list selection ids for List Picker ratings.
comment Text comment associated with line item.
weight Weight of the line item. Default of equal weight of 1.
structure Name of the immediately linked structure.
structure_id Integer foreign key representing the direct structure this inspection took place at.
structure_path Array of the location hierarchy from the top of the organization to the structure where the inspection took place.
user Inspector who completed this inspection.
user_id Integer foreign key representing the inspector who performed the inspection.
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