Receive Push Notifications

Push notifications are small and helpful alerts, similar to a text message, that can be sent to a mobile device and are intended to keep you in the loop without having to check your email.

Technical Note: Push notifications are a "best-effort service" provided by Apple, who may suppress, limit, or reorder the delivery of push notifications at any time.

Push Notification Example

How to enable push notifications on your device:

  1. Ensure you are using an Apple iOS device running the latest operating system. Push notifications are not supported on Android.
  2. Install the latest OrangeQC app and sign-in with your credentials.
    1. During the sign-in process, accept the pop-up to receive Push Notifications.
  3. Verify that you have Ticket alerts turned on within your Profile. At this time, push notifications will only be delivered if you have ticket alerts enabled.
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