Receive Inspection Email Alerts

Inspection Email Notifications

Each user can choose how they would like to be notified about inspections, depending on the how often and which information they would like to receive.

  • Summary Emails (Recommended): These emails summarize the activity within a user's Areas of Access each Day, Week, or Month. If a user wants a single email to stay in the loop on recent activity, then they should be subscribed to a Summary Email.
  • Inspection Emails: These emails are sent in real time, so each submitted inspection will trigger a separate email alert. If your team performs under 100 inspections per month, this could be a useful option for supervisors or managers who want to be alerted about each audit completed. However, if your team performs a lot of inspections, this might create too many emails .

Real-time inspection notifications

Please note that users will only receive alerts for locations within the areas of access you grant them.

  1. Click an a user to edit via the People tab.
  2. Within the Email Notifications section, check the box next to Inspections to enable alerts for this user.
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select the types of emails this user will be alerted about.
    1. All Inspections
    2. Deficient Inspections
    3. Inspections with photos or comments
  4. Double check the Areas of Access to ensure the user has the correct locations selected.
  5. Press Save.

Advanced Options

Advanced options allow you to filter and limit the inspection emails that a user will receive. This is useful for users with broad access to the account, but may only want to receive emails about particular inspection forms or specific areas. You can filter and limit the emails by type of inspection, specific inspection forms, as well as areas within the user's Areas of Access. Please note that Advanced options are only available to existing users. If you are creating a new user, please save that user first, then edit the user to edit the advanced options.

  1. Follow the Steps 1-3 to configure a user to receive real-time inspection notifications.
  2. Click the Advanced button.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to customize which locations the user will receive alerts from. By default, there is no selection which means the user will be alerted for all of their areas of access.
  4. Press Save.
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