View Inspections

As soon as someone performs an inspection, you can log in to see all the scores, comments, photos, and notes.

Here’s how to view an inspection:

  1. Click the Inspections tab. This is located in the menu bar. Only users who have permission to view inspections will be able to see it.

  2. Check out the inspections. This page shows all your recent inspections at a glance. At the top of the page, you can adjust the filters to search by date range, inspection type, inspector, and site.

    Click "more filters" to search by any tags, list selections (such as the employee responsible for cleaning the area), or areas that a certain team member has access to.

    Additionally, the button at the upper right-hand corner allows you to export data as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet

  3. Click on an inspection. Here, you’ll see individual line items, scores, comments, and photos.

Scroll to the bottom of the inspection to view options to delete the inspection, edit ratings and comments, or view the ticket related to the inspection.

What do the icons on the inspections feed mean?

Flag: The inspection was flagged. The color of the flag corresponds with the status of the ticket:

  • Red: Open
  • Orange: Pending
  • Green: Closed

Checkmark: The inspection completes a scheduled inspection.

Lock: The inspection is private.

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