This article is an aggregation of the limits imposed on various components of the OrangeQC platform.
Limits exist for several reasons. Some exist because of the architecture of the platform. Others exist to ensure good platform citizenship and sustainable usage (for example, you cannot overload the platform). 

Hard Limitations

  • All users must have a valid email address, username, and a password.
  • Each person using the system must have their own username and password. You may not share credentials with other members of your team.
  • Users can have a maximum of 365 unique area "folders" assigned as part of their selected Areas of Access. To give users access to more locations, they will need to be granted higher-level access within the area hierarchy; for example, to a region or top-level access.
  • Advanced inspection and ticket email notification settings can have a maximum of 500 unique areas selected.
  • Photos and attachment objects have a maximum size of 10MB.
  • Inspection forms must have at least one line item and no more than 325 line items.
  • Inspections can only contain a maximum of 250 photo attachments, though it is recommended to remain well below that limit if possible.
  • 100 ratings per account.
  • 600 inspection schedules per account.

Soft Limits

As part of providing guidelines for sustainable usage, we have outlined several soft limits that may result in additional fees or alerts if exceeded. Most users on the platform never come close to these limits, but if you suspect that your team might, then please contact us.

  • A maximum of 4,000 newly created inspections or 4,000 tickets per month.
  • 100,000 stored objects (such as inspection photos, attachments, etc.) over the lifetime of the account. Roughly, 100GB of storage.
  • 5 List Picker ratings each with a max of 750 choices.
  • 1,000 individual inspection forms.
  • 10,000 assigned inspection forms to unique areas.
  • 20,000 areas (folders) within your site and area hierarchy.
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