How to Filter and Run Reports with Tags

Once you’ve created and added tags to any of your locations, you can begin using them to filter data and run reports. This is a powerful tool for getting the data you need quickly. Reviewing data with tags can help you answer questions like:

  • How many scheduled inspections were skipped in Zone 1?
  • How is our performance at healthcare institutions?
  • Were there any issues with our high-priority accounts this month?

Filter Inspections by Tag

1. Click the Inspections tab.
2. Click “More Filters.” This is located in the top menu bar

3. Select the tag(s) you want to filter for. You can do this in the “Tags” field that appears once you’ve expanded the menu. If you want to select more than one tag, you will have to re-expand the menu to add each additional tag.
4. View your inspections. Once you’ve filtered for the tag, you’ll see all inspections performed within the tagged locations. If you’ve selected more than one tag, you’ll see all inspections for locations that have all the tags chosen.

Run Reports on Tags

1. Click the Reports tab.
2. Choose the report you want to run. You can filter by tag on the Overall Report, the Tickets Report, the Inspectors Report, and the Private Inspections Report.
3. Click “View Filters.” This will expand the menu and allow you to customize the report.
4. Add tag(s). Beneath “Areas and Locations,” you’ll find a field labeled “And within areas with the following tags:” where you can add as many tags as you’d like to filter for. The report will include locations that are tagged with all applicable tags.
5. Click “Search.”
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