Assign a Ticket to a User or Group

  1. Open the ticket: Open the Tickets tab, then choose a ticket from the list.
  2. Make sure the ticket has a location: If the location in the left-hand sidebar is listed as “Unassigned,” you’ll need to set one. Click “Edit” in the right-hand corner, then pick a location from the drop-down list. Next, scroll down and click “Save.”
  3. Assign the ticket to a user or group: Under “Assign To” at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, click “(Assign).” Then, you can pick the user or group you want to assign the ticket to from the drop-down menu. (The drop-down is based on the location assigned to the ticket, so if you aren’t seeing the right names, go back to the previous step.) Finally, click “Assign.”
That’s it! Once the ticket has been assigned, the user or group will get an email notification letting them know. It will also show up when you filter the Ticket inbox for tickets assigned to that user or group.
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