Sort and Filter Tickets

Tickets with due dates will automatically appear at the top of your inbox for easy access. After those tickets, the rest of the tickets are sorted by which tickets most recently had activity.

Filters help you organize and sort through your inbox. You’ll find the filter options at the top of the ticket inbox.

From left to right, the filter selections are:
  • Ticket status: All tickets in inbox, Open tickets, or Pending tickets. (Your inbox only shows open and pending tickets. If you want to view resolved tickets, click “All” in the left-hand sidebar.)
  • Site: Choose whether you want to view tickets from all sites, or only tickets from a specific site.
  • From: Choose whether you want to view tickets created by anyone, or only tickets created by a specific person.
  • Categories: All categories, Complaint, or Request. You can also create your own categories; [click here] to learn how.
  • Assigned to: Choose to view tickets assigned to anyone, or only tickets assigned to a specific person.
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