Getting Started: Create a Site and Perform an Inspection

Welcome to OrangeQC! This quick tutorial will have you set up and ready to inspect in just a few minutes.

We’ll start by creating your first site. Sites act as a way to organize different facilities or buildings within your account. All of your inspection forms and notes will be organized by site.

Create a Site

  1. Click the Setup tab: This is located in the menu bar and will only be accessible to Administrators.

  2. Click "New Site": This is located on the right side of your setup screen.

  3. Give it a name: We recommend keeping names simple, such as "Children’s Memorial Hospital” or “Willis Tower.” Site names will appear on mobile inspection forms and on all of your reports. Click the button to save.

That’s it! You’ve created your first site. Now, you’ll need to assign one or more inspection forms to your site.

Assign an Inspection Form to Your Site

OrangeQC inspection forms list all the line items you’d like inspected. They have space for ratings, notes, signatures, and photos, just like paper inspection forms. You can choose, customize, and create the forms your inspectors will see on their mobile devices. To get started, we’ll use one of the basic forms.
  1. Find your site: If you aren’t there already, click the Setup tab in the menu bar. Then, click on the name of the site you want to add a form to.
  2. Assign an inspection form to this site: Hover your mouse over the name of your site; more menu options will appear. Click "Assign Inspection Form," then choose an inspection form from the drop-down menu and click "Save."
That’s all it takes to set up a new location!

Perform Your First Inspection

You’re ready for your first inspection! Even if you’re not on-site (or you don’t regularly perform inspections yourself), doing a quick practice run will let you see how the inspection looks and give you a sample inspection submission.
  1. Download the app: Download the OrangeQC iPhone and iPad app or Android app. (If you have trouble logging in, check out our mobile app guide.) You can also perform an inspection on the website; just click the “Perform Inspection button” on the right side of the menu.
  2. Perform the inspection: Click the site you created and open the inspection form. You can rate each line item, leave comments, and add photos. When you're done, click "Submit."
Congratulations! You've set up your site and performed your first inspection.