Getting Started: Create a Site

Welcome to OrangeQC! This quick tutorial will have you ready to inspect in just a few minutes.

There are two main components to OrangeQC setup:
  1. Sites: Sites are the physical locations that you service, all arranged in a folder hierarchy. Keep in mind that Site and Areas are actually flexible folders and should be treated as such when you organize your account. This means that you can add a top-level Site to represent a multi building campus or client location, then create sub-areas, represented by folders, for structural items such as floors, wings of a building, and rooms.
  2. Inspection Forms: Inspection forms are the checklist templates, similar to paper inspection form templates. Inspection forms are then assigned to areas where they are applicable.

Create a new Site hierarchy

  1. Click the Setup tab: This is located in the menu bar. (Only account administrators can see it.)

  2. Click the "New Site" button: This is located on the right side of your setup screen.

  3. Give it a name: We recommend keeping names simple, such as "East Memorial Hospital” or “English Building.” Site names will appear on mobile inspection forms and on all of your reports. Click the button to save.

  4. Assign Inspection Forms: Create new sub-areas within the Site and assign inspection forms to the respective Areas. Please note that assigning inspection forms to the areas must be complete before you can perform inspections on your mobile apps.

That’s it! You’ve created your first site.
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