Edit Site Settings, Copy a Site, or Archive a Site

Edit a Site Name

  1. Under the Setup tab, click on the site that you'd like to edit and ensure the site name is selected.
  2. In the right hand Details section, you can edit the site's name, as well as other optional fields such as job number, notes, and descriptions.

Copy a Site

Copying a site will create a duplicate site with the same hierarchy and assigned forms.

Delete / Archive a Site

You can archive a site by using the red "Archive Site" button. Please note that this is the same thing as deleting it. (OrangeQC retains a temporary archive of this site which can be restored if needed.)

  • Sites can be restored via the "View Archived Sites" link on the Setup tab.
  • Sub-areas cannot be restored via the website, but you may request assistance by contacting us at support@orangeqc.com.

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