Track Inspections for Employees with Lists

You can have your inspectors note which employee was responsible for cleaning or maintaining a particular area. (This could be the person who most recently cleaned an area, the supervisor in charge of an area, etc.)

  1. Create a new list. Name your list appropriately: “Employee Names,” “Night Shift Cleaners,” etc.
  2. Add employee names. For each line on the form, add the name of an employee. You may also want to include an “Other” category in case the inspector does not know which employee is responsible for the area, or if there is a new hire who has not been added to the list yet.
  3. Add the list to your forms. Go to the Setup tab, choose “Inspection Forms” from the left-hand sidebar, and click the form you want to edit. Click the button to add a line item and give it a name (for example, “Employee Responsible for Area.”) Then, choose the list you just created from the drop-down menu with ratings choices.
  4. That’s it! Your inspectors will now be able to note which employee was responsible for the area or service being inspected.

How to View Employee Dashboards and Reports

If your inspectors have been completing inspections with an employee name list, we'll automatically crunch the data into individual employee dashboards and advanced reports. This video takes you through how to set up and access these reports.
Note: All OrangeQC accounts can add employee lists, but employee dashboards and reports are only available as Custom add-on options and are not included in the normal plans. Please email us at if you're interested in this functionality.
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