Add Photos to an Inspection

Inspectors can add photos to inspections two different ways:

  • Taking photos in-app using the built-in camera
  • Attaching existing photos from the photo gallery (sometimes called a Camera Roll)

While the app does not restrict or limit the user's ability to include photos from these sources, the system will include a special designation on the photo footer indicating if the photo was taken in-app, as well as a timestamp. This information is only visible to users with access to "view Reports tab and detailed metrics" via their Permissions.

Screenshot with the

For accountability and tracking, these designations cannot be modified, added, or spoofed by users. The inclusion of this footer indicates that the photo was taken directly from within the OrangeQC app at the timestamp provided, as well as at the GPS location (if available).

If this footer is missing from a photo, more information will be provided inside of the Excel export.

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