Editing an Inspection Schedule

Recurring inspection schedules automatically schedule inspections without any manual changes. Sometimes, you may want to make a change, such as adding adding additional locations, changing the inspection form, or editing the title of the schedule.

In this tutorial, we'll walk through how you can update a schedule and what you should (and should not) change.

Important reminder about Start Dates: In most cases you should NOT change the Start Date of the schedule you are editing. Only change the exact field that needs updating. If you change the Start Date, it will alter your schedule based upon the newly provided start date. As long you leave the start date the same, the system will not create old inspections in the past.

Common changes

  • Title: Change the title of this schedule and press save. All scheduled inspections (both past and present) will have the new title.
  • Inspection Form: Select a new inspection form and press save. All future scheduled inspections from today going forward will now have the newly selected inspection form.
  • Locations: Check or uncheck the areas and press save. All future scheduled inspections from today going forward will be updated to reflect the new changes in location. Already completed inspections will not be effected.

Editing the schedule logic

If you are making a large change to a complex schedule, such as changing the due dates or period, we recommend pausing the existing schedule and creating a new one.

If you do change the schedule, only future scheduled inspections (from today forward) will get the new due date. Any inspections past due won't be affected; neither will completed inspections that weren't due yet.

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