Send OrangeQC data through Zapier to another API

Use case from Zapier: If you want to take specific data from a webhook and not post a complete webhook to a third-party service, you can use Zapier to add or remove chosen fields on a webhook. This can be useful to prevent sensitive information from being sent to a third-party, or if you want to add additional attributes to your webhook.

How It Works:
  • A webhook is received by Zapier
  • Zapier takes the specified fields and fires its own webhook
  1. While logged into Zapier, add a new Zap for “Send data from a webhook through a new webhook.” Press “Create this Zap.”
  2. Zapier: Catch a Hook: Press “Continue.”

  3. Zapier: Pick off a Child Key: Leave the text field blank and press “Continue.” Zapier can optionally provide you with a specific key within the payload. Please review the OrangeQC API docs to see the full list of JSON keys.

  4. Zapier will provide you with an inbound webhook URL. This is the URL that OrangeQC will send data to. Click “Copy to clipboard.”

  5. In another window, visit your OrangeQC Account Settings > API Webhooks page. Paste the Zapier URL into the provided text field and press “Save.” OrangeQC will send a test API payload to Zapier.

  6. If the webhook was successfully connected, then you’ll see it displayed on your webhooks list.

  7. Back on Zapier: Click “Ok, I did this”. Zapier will verify the connection. Press “Continue.”

  8. Zapier: Enter the destination URL to the third-party system.

  9. (Optional) You can customize the data that is sent to the destination URL.
  10. Zapier will test and verify the connection.
  11. If everything is set up correctly, you’ll be presented with a confirmation screen.